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Sapphic Representation and The Female-Queer Gaze

Speaking engagement at FELGBTI+'s congress for LBT Women: Intersectionality, what goes through us, what unites us.

November 26th, 2023

Lady Bird and Lullaby under the lens of the female gaze and motherhood models

Master's thesis for the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Master in Gender Studies and Feminist Research

Noviembre Feminista: The Female Gaze

Speaking engagement at Noviembre Feminista by InstiFem, at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 

Explained the Female Gaze as a tool for developing media.

November 2nd, 2023

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 8.54.32 PM.png

Developing gender perspective in media

Educational proposal for a lecture-studio program to train creatives in terms of gender perspective.

Film Cycle: Made by Women

Virtual Workshop

Every Saturday from 08/19 to 09/07, 2023.
Time: 1pm Panamá / 20hrs. Spain
Price: 40 USD / 800 MXN / 35 EUR

Art History Basics_edited.jpg

Basic Art History Course

Virtual Workshop

Explored the Renaissance period all the way to contemporary art with a 10 person group.

Twice a week from 04/25 to 05/12, 2020.

hire me

I create personalized, engaging and inspiring diversity and gender workshops for professional settings (schools, offices, media productions) and interesting talks for events, meetings and universities in both Spanish and English.


I facilitate tailored workshops, designed to provide participants with a variety of opportunities for discussion, reflection and critique with interactive elements.

The goal of my workshops is for participants to leave with practical tools to put to use later, rather than feeling like they've just talked about the same old thing.

speaking engagements

Talks, presentations, panels and Q&A sessions that allow you to delve deeper into any topic or issue.

I can give individual talks on a specific topic and/or moderate or participate in group panels on topics including:

Popular culture, feminism, content creation with a gender perspective, film analysis and criticism, and addressing diversity.

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